Introduction of Guangdong Outdoor Furniture Associations

    Guangdong Outdoor Furniture Associations (Abbreviation: GOFA) is approved by Guangdong Provincial Department of Civil Affairs on 15th January 2014. The Registration Number is YUE SHE ZHENG ZI NUMBER 1644. GOFA is a national, industry-based, non-profit social organizations. The membership is consisted voluntarily by outdoor furniture industry, production, research and related business corporation, social organization and individuals.

    GOFA in line with the purpose of providing services to the industries and enterprises, and actively promote outdoor furniture to establish the overall brand image in the furniture industry, it plays an important role in improving the professional quality, standardize enterprise behavior, improve market factors, safeguard the interests of industry, to strengthen industry self-discipline. In order to continuously improve the overall level of outdoor furniture industry, GOFA organizing various seminars, information exchange, andoperational cooperation matchmaking, foreign associations, on behalf of organizations to promote the introduction of outdoor furniture industry status, planning and development.

    GOFAs purpose is: abide by the Constitution, laws, regulations and national policy, abide by social morality; safeguard the overall interests and legitimate rights and interests of members of the industry, the role of GOFA as a bridge and link between the government and members. The service purpose of GOFA is orderly competition, strengthen exchanges and integration of forces,benign development, harmony and win-win, provide services for enterprises, and promote industrial development.

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